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With over 25 years of collective experience in residential design and construction, the two principals at Domistyle are well versed in providing solutions for any project. From jobs as elaborate as complete home remodels to something as small as color consultations, Domistyle has the knowledge and experience to make your home look spectacular.

Jan Hayes, CMKBD

For over 25 years, I have been involved in planning and building livable spaces. My personal and professional experiences have given me a good working knowledge of the entire home construction and remodel process. This hands-on experience has enhanced my understanding of how to creatively design, build and remodel homes with an emphasis on livable, functional space.

My passion for gourmet cooking and experience with several abysmal kitchens prompted me to pursue a certification in kitchen design. Exceeding the standards set by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA), I successfully became certified in 1994. The following year I completed my certification as a Bath Designer. In recognition for ten years of additional experience and extensive ongoing professional development, in 2006 I received the CMKBD designation: Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer.

I am active in the Puget Sound Chapter of the NKBA and, for several years, have taught courses for aspiring designers in preparation for their exams. In 2005 and 2007, Domistyle received NKBA awards for both kitchen and bath designs.

Changing lifestyles and demand for healthier, more energy efficient homes show a clear need for the skills of an experienced residential designer. Whether it is a color consultation, a remodeling project, or a complete new home design, my experience and services can simplify the process and deliver a beautiful, functional, livable space.

Thea Stephens, Designer

Color—Design—Lighting—Space—Texture—Ventilation. The well-designed synthesis of these elements contributes to our peace of mind and well being. What does your living space contribute to you? Does your space serve you well, or are you hindered by it? These questions, and your answers to them, are the place where my role as a designer begins.

My B.A. in Studio Art led me into advertising and commercial design, then “back home” to the world of interiors. Along the way, I have explored numerous territories in the vast world of color: its ability to transform architecture, moods, and even health. I have studied the therapeutic nature of color, and used this knowledge in many years of faux-finish and custom painting work.

Several years in project management for residential construction gave me understanding of the more technical aspects of this work and taught me to speak the language of home building and remodeling.

Having been a dedicated student of gourmet cooking for over 2 decades has broadened both my palate and my appreciation of good kitchen design. I love to analyze the cooking process and design kitchens that allow the resident chef's creative juices to flow along with the workspace.

I am currently pursuing Kitchen design certification from the National Kitchen and Bath Association.