Contemporary Simplicity

Goals: This home’s dated 1970’s master bathroom needed updating and reorganization. A new larger shower was high on the list of improvements. The adjoining hot tub gazebo was to stay untouched but needed to be considered in the updated adjoining vanity area. There was a desire to contain costs while improving the luxurious feeling of the space. The octagonal windows dated this room greatly. The awkward ceiling transition to the tub gazebo increased the feeling of claustrophobia of this narrow room. The Hollywood light fixtures around the mirror felt tired and in need of improvement.

The new laminate cabinets not only keep the cost down, but also provide an easy care style suited for this damp room. Integrated concrete sinks and countertops provide an updated appearance with very clean lines. The large mirror greatly increases the visual size of the room. Inserting vertical light fixtures that float on the mirror provides good quality light at the sink area. The diagonal layout of the ceramic tile flooring helps to augment the perception of width in this otherwise narrow room.

The adjoining toilet/shower room has a continuation of the same floor tile from the vanity area. The toilet was shifted to the inside wall of this room creating the possibility of an additional storage cabinet above. A very narrow cabinet was placed under the window to conceal cleaning products and additional toiletries. The original window remains to provide natural light to the room.

The master shower was enlarged by using space gained from the adjacent full bath, which was downsized to a powder room. The large showering area is provided with a convenient bench and toiletry niches. Use of the clear glass shower door maintains a longer line of sight preserving the sense of space within this small area. The large format floor and wall tiles keeps cleaning problems to a minimum along with the use of epoxy grout. The addition of adequate ventilation completed the updating of the systems in this master bath area.

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Photographs: Chris Frerichs,
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