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Traditional Elegance

Goals: Replace the existing 1950’s remodeled bathroom with one more in style with this elegant Tudor home. Since this bathroom needed to be shared by all members of the family, it needed a hallway entrance as well as access from the master bedroom. Since the master bedroom would be involved in this remodel, another major request was improvement to the closet storage areas.

As you enter the room from the shared transition space, you pass by his vanity heading toward hers. The classic door styling with an overglazed finish creates layers of detail that increase the elegance of this room. White carrera marble is used throughout, in slabs on the counters, mosaics on the floor and 3"x6" rectangles in the shower and wainscoting. Generous use of mirrors enhances the shared views of the room. Antique chandeliers add an element of authenticity to the historical charm of this suite of rooms.

An addition created the space needed for the tub alcove. To add to the bather’s pleasure, a flat screen TV is mounted on the wall at the foot of the tub. This upper story shuttered window provides a view to the bay while allowing natural light to filter into the room.

Convenient, generous storage is seen in this vanity. Several drawers and wall cabinet space provide space for the many small items needed in the bathroom. The adjacent tall cabinet provides some linen storage close to the shower. Many levels of light provide good make-up illumination. The separate toilet room can be seen at the end of this vanity cabinetry.

This comfortably sized master shower contains additional luxury features. A hydronically heated towel bar is mounted just inside the shower door. Lighting, ventilation, and media speaker all share this space. A generous bench occupies the end of the shower.

This view of the walk-in closet shows the many options for clothing storage. Rods, drawers and shelves provide the right combination for everything. A small window on the exterior wall provides just enough natural light to beckon the visitor to this space. The careful positioning of the shelves protects the clothing from potential fading. Adding another dormer to the front of the house created the closet. This was strategically located above the roof of the main entry maintaining the original roof’s pitch.

Entering the bathroom suite from the hallway brings the visitor through a transition space. This room is bracketed with storage closets along both sides and a daybed at the window. The decorative arches add layers of detail to help establish the elegance of this room. The inlaid design in the hardwood flooring brings focus to this entry.

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Photographs: Chris Frerichs,
True Photography