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Victorian Romance

Goals: This 90 year old farmhouse needed a complete rebuild of its main bathroom. The clients had many cherished antiques that needed to be part of this space. In addition, this room contained the laundry equipment. The client wished to conceal the washer and dryer without relocating them to another area of the house. An addition was expected but had to finesse itself around the existing septic tank, which sat very close to the house.

French bathroom fixtures were selected for their Victorian styling. Creating a bump-out addition, made room for the tub alcove. The bow windows and oval side windows allow light to flood this area. Being situated on rural acreage, privacy was not a problem. The addition allowed the toilet to be tucked into position beside the tub allowing it to be slightly shielded from the rest of the room. The lace curtains and toile wall covering compliment the Victorian style of this bathroom.

This slipper tub is set off from the rest of the room by false columns creating an enveloping niche in which the tub resides. The reproduction Rejuvenations light fixtures easily compliment this interior style.

This small wall mounted hand sink provides a bit of period authenticity. The sink’s surface patina gives the impression of antiquity. The classic white ceramic tile wainscoting compliments the sink beautifully.

Using space from an adjacent hallway created a generous closet. The extra height doors give easy access to the shelves above the appliances.

This view of the laundry closet doors illustrates how well they blend into the bathrooms décor. Matching Toile printed fabric conceals the view through the glass of the doors into the laundry equipment.

This double stepped gable addition was needed to gain enough interior space to accommodate the improved bathroom. This step in the addition perimeter was needed to maintain the required setback from the nearby septic tank. This was turned into an asset by using the smaller step as the tub alcove. The copper roof adds and element of richness to the simple exterior.

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Photographs: Chris Frerichs,
True Photography