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Natural Elegance

Goals: To update and existing hall bath to accommodate guests. Its 6'x10' size could not be enlarged with an addition. The clients requested both a tub and a separate shower. Natural stone was requested for part or all of the hard surfaces.

A unique asymmetrical wall hung sink hugs the wall leaving more space in front of the tub and shower. Storage was provided with a long shallow base cabinet extending to the entry door. Even though the space could not be extended with an addition, space was gained by absorbing a few square feet from the hallway. The original recessed entry to the bathroom was used to create the needed additional space. This keeps the door swing area free of conflict with other features in the room. Limestone tile was used for the shower, main floor area and tub deck. Smoke glass creates the surface on top of the shallow cabinets beside the sink as well as the shallow wall shelf. Improved, unobtrusive lighting fixtures provide good quality light at the mirror.

Photographer: Jerry Segismundo

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Photographs: Chris Frerichs,
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