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Casual Cottage 

Goals: Desperate need for more preparation area and increased storage was the driving factor for this small kitchen remodel. This kitchen was hampered with an awkward layout forcing all the preparation into the end of the room. Storage, which was at a premium, was difficult to access and inadequate. Insufficient lighting for this interior kitchen made cooking tasks onerous.

With the use of small-scale appliances, countertop and storage space was increased. Both the range and the refrigerator are 24" wide making them seem in scale for the dimensions of this room. Traditional styled painted cabinets keep the surfaces very light reflective improving the working conditions. The contrast of glass mosaic tile backsplashes and granite countertops add an element of elegance and durability.

In order to maximize the potential storage and provide some interesting display area for collectibles, a system of overhead open shelves are put to good use. These shelves surround the passageway to the adjacent dining room. Storage for cookbooks, toaster, glassware etc, is now readily available and beautiful too. The conversation bar on the dining room side allows guests to visit with the cook while staying out of the way.

Layers of light create drama and excitement in this revitalized kitchen. Recessed lighting in the kitchen and under cabinet fixtures provide abundant light for cooking tasks. Pendant lighting adds a bit of sparkle and personality to the room.

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Photographs: Chris Frerichs,
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