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Goals: Combine 3 adjoining rooms, laundry, kitchen and nook, to create one versatile area for this family’s daily living. Increase usable storage. Allow good preparation areas. Improve lighting. Reuse as many of the existing cabinets as possible.

The divided space cramped the kitchen’s working area. With the back entry and the laundry room adjacent, the visual clutter was difficult to contain. However, the extensive pantry wall storage cabinets were very serviceable and worth saving.

Not only does the space improve workability, the visual illusion is one of greatly enlarged space. The nook remains in its original location positioned at a large window overlooking the deck and the bay view. A similar window at the main sink makes clean up a much more pleasant task. Relocating the laundry allowed one end of the space to be dedicated to a baking center and a kitchen desk area. This area also has a similar large window that floods the area with plenty of natural light.

Use of glass tile for the backsplash combined with Zodiac countertops add beauty and good durability for the serious work of cooking. The use of Forbo linoleum flooring allows for easy maintenance for many years to come.

The original pantry wall was salvaged with the addition of only the base cabinets in the preparation area. The cabinetmaker was able to match the door style of this 1950’s kitchen. Refinishing all of the cabinets refreshed everything and brought the color of the cabinet doors closer to a match.

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Photographs: Chris Frerichs,
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