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Simple Victorian

Goals: Create an addition to relocate kitchen to gain a more central position in the home. Key elements were to provide sufficient preparation area for tasks to be shared with children. Incorporate both casual and formal dining areas in the floor plan rearrangement. Improvement to the back entry was needed while providing space for a planning desk and family room.

Two bump-out additions create the needed extra square footage the enlarged kitchen and adjacent family room. Remodeling the former sun porch into temperature controllable space creates the new nook with a view of the bay.

This view of the kitchen from the formal dining room illustrates the central location of the kitchen. Comfortable space for socializing is provided connecting the dining room, living room and kitchen into one gracious entertaining space. Plenty of countertop areas are available for the serious cookie baking that takes place regularly. The refrigerator wall becomes the primary pantry storage area. The side door gives access to the new deck just outside the kitchen.

The primary cooking area occupies one short wall and the peninsula. Providing a second sink in this area allows the cook to save steps while preparing the family’s meals. Classic tile and granite countertops provide durability and ease of maintenance.

The large south facing window spills abundant light into this family kitchen. There is plenty of space for clean-up activities as well as room for set off from the second oven on the far right. Dish storage in this area making table setting easy for the young helpers in the family.

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Photographs: Chris Frerichs,
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